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Hair Extensions FAQ

Frequently asked questions:

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about hair extensions.

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Q: How long will the hair extensions last ?

A: All extensions will last around 3- 4months and if looked after well, they could last longer, our hair can be reused as we only use top quality russian hair.


Q: How long does it take you to apply hair extensions?

A: The time to apply hair extensions varies depending length, style & thickness, usually between 2 - 4 hours for a full head, infills/maintenance usually take between 30- 60 minutes.


Q: I’m worried about the aftercare!

A; No need to be,our aftercare is second to none, it is the ethos of our company, we will make sure you are 100% happy, and leave you confident to look after your hair.

When the hair extensions are  applied the stylist will go through everything you need to care for them to keep them looking fantastic, and will also leave you with an information sheet for you to refer too.


Q:  Will I get an professional service?

A: We pride ourselves on providing a professional in salon service, outside of the salon, that’s time and cost effective, all stylist will follow strict procedures and guidelines set out by Home Hair Extensions.


Q Are the staff trained?

A: All home hair extension stylist are fully qualified extensions, and have all been through an extensive hair extension training either inhouse  or by a reputable hair extension company.


Q:What do I need to have at home?

A: All you need is to be able to wash and dry your hair, so water and electricity, also a waist height table and a stool/ chair for you to sit on.


Q: Does it require a lot of work to maintain hair extensions?

A: When we have applied a full set of extensions, we will book you in for your monthly or bi monthly infills,  we will check on your extension, remove and replace any that need it, and we will do this every month until they need removing.


Q:Can I style styling aids on my hair extensions?

A:  You can use a  hairdryer, straighteners, curling tongs and heated rollers or just let your hair dry naturally, everything you would on your own hair.


Q: Can my extensions be cut and styled as normal?

A: Your  hair extensions can be cut and shaped to blend in with your natural hair, in fact this is a must, this will be done by your hair stylist, who is trained in cutting  hair extension hair.

Q: Does it damage your own hair.?

No, not if treated with respect, and all the rules followed, and you have them professionally maintained and removed.

A: How are the extensions removed?

Q: This is not a hard procedure but should always been done by your stylist, if you take them out yourself, damage can be done; to remove hair extensions we reshape the ring and slide out , with no pressure on the hair.


Q: I'm worried that after I have hair extensions my hair can't be touched?

A: With hair that great you’ll want to touch it more! Don't worry - the hair extensions are applied about one centimeter away from the scalp so you can still touch and wash your hair as normal.


Q: I go to the gym a lot is this a problem?

A: no, no problem you can swim, use a sauna, etc there's a couple of things to remember, but your stylist will tell you about this and will also leave you a printed aftercare guide to follow.

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