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Aftercare is a very important part of having hair extensions, and you should see your  hair stylist monthly or bi-monthly depending on their recommendations.

Once hair extensions have been installed brush your hair from the roots regularly throughout the day, with the soft bristle brush, when wet use only a wide tooth comb, and lightly comb through, do not pull the hair when wet, the hair feels very heavy when wet so please be gentle.

The shampoos, conditioners we recommend will enable you to clean, condition and maintain your extensions, the products are designed for this purpose and we strongly advise that you use only these products on your extensions. Only wash your hair in the shower, so that the hair doesn't become tangled by putting your head upside down. it is very important to rinse your extensions from the roots for at least 10 minutes.

Many other shampoos, conditioners and styling products contain ingredients that are incompatible with human hair extensions, and will shorten the life of your extensions.

Firstly you may notice that immediately after the installation of your extensions and for the next day's or two your scalp may feel tender, this is normal and will settle in a couple of days.

Tie your hair back in a loose ponytail or plait using a soft scrunchie for sleeping in bed.

Never wear your hair extensions for longer than 4 months, have them taken out and your own hair inspected by an homehairextension specialist, and they will recommend you either give your hair a rest or they are happy for you to have them back in again.

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